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Phoenix Spark!


Dev Ops

We have personnel with knowledge to build in-house web development and phone application solutions, or leverage industry partnerships to meet the needs of our Warfighter's dev ops needs.

Additive Manufacturing

Implementing advances in 3D-Printing, Robotics, and Data Analysis; Phoenix Spark positions the Air Force at the cutting edge of technology solving day-to-day pain points in everyday work by enhancing capability.

AR/VR Solutions

Phoenix Spark leverages advances in AR/VR technology to find innovative ways to meet Warfighter's training, marketing, and operational needs.


Phoenix Spark enhances the knowledge of each Airman, providing the capability to overcome challenges as they arise on the frontline. Learn a skillset that can be used in the Squadron to foster an innovative culture.


We build relationships with private and public organizations by connecting with the best in industry, academia, and government. We learn through these partnerships how to better the Air Force for our Airmen.

Operational Research

Encouraging experimentation and embracing failure as learning opportunities; expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

About Spark

Travis Air Force Base’s Phoenix Spark innovation cell sets out to be the leader in bridging the gap between the operator and agile organizations who are motivated to rapidly develop capabilities the Warfighter deserves.


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